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I believe in

Personal Reinvention


What do you want to achieve? I'm here to help.

I believe that we can all grow beyond our current circumstances and limitations. We all have goals. We all have dreams.

Sadly, many of us believe that we are not worthy of achieving those outcomes, or we believe that we simply cannot make them happen. Sometimes we just get stuck feeling overwhelmed with what appear to be too many options - our path forward is unclear.

That feeling of "stuckness" and those limiting beliefs create stress in our lives. Stress is the frustrated feeling we get when we sense a gap between where we see ourselves in the present and where we want to be.

I believe that you would not have a sense of these goals if you did not deserve them and could not make them real. With the right mindset and belief, anything is possible. I am here to help my clients to increase their self-esteem, and help them to overcome obstacles that block the achievement of their goals.

I enjoy solving problems.

Whether I am working as a life coach, or as a hypnotherapist, I am here to help people improve their lives for the better, so that they can be happier and fulfilled.

My goal as a hypnotherapist and as a life coach, is to help you be your best self, achieve the vision you have for success, and love your life.


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Serving Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, and Los Angeles, CA. I also work remotely with clients around the United States and internationally.

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(310) 746-5929


What do I do?

> I facilitate change.

I help to create mental shifts from negative to positive mindsets; from observation of lack to awareness of abundance and possibility.

My goal is to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives by:

  • Awakening my clients to their potential and possibility,
  • Removing barriers to their success and enabling them to achieve, if they so desire,
  • Motivating them toward achievement and enlightenment.

> How do I achieve this?

I listen. I do not judge.

Much like a counselor, I ask questions... A lot of questions.

My approach is client-centered: Our sessions are about YOU, your challenges and your desired outcomes.

My clients and I talk about their goals at length so that I can understand where they are now and how they want to change their lives.

Who are you now? How do you see yourself differently in your perfect future?


> What do you want in your life?

Why are you having difficulty in manifesting this outcome?

What actions have you taken to actualize your vision? Are you ready to create a plan of focused action and accountability?

How do you want to be held accountable for taking action to change your life?

Once I understand your goals, I use hypnosis as a tool to help you to remove the barriers between you and your goal. We'll work together to re-frame your subconscious beliefs from negative thoughts to a mindset of success.



If you need that extra push to make your life better, or overcome a mental obstacle or conditioning that you have told yourself over the years, one of mine was “that I am not good enough or deserving of,” which is now a distant thought pattern.

I highly recommend Dan Olexa and his personalized hypnotherapy. It really does have positive effects on your life.
— Dr. Luke W. Sciberras


You may be reading this because you feel something isn't right in your life.

Maybe you sense a disconnection from your purpose or maybe it's merely a feeling of mild dread; unhappiness over unfulfilled potential. Maybe you just are having trouble overcoming the challenges you are facing to reach your goal.

You can see your goal, you imagine yourself living a better life – happier, more secure, balanced – but you don't know how to make it happen. How do you make it real?

What are you doing to make this outcome happen? Are you taking action?

Are you taking the RIGHT actions? Are you just being impatient with your time frame, or do you have a realistic sense of how long your outcome should take to materialize?

What are you doing to NOT make this outcome happen? How are you sabotaging yourself? You may not be consciously aware of these actions.

WHY do you want your life to change? What motivates you? What vision do you have for yourself? Why do these things matter to you?


Let's talk about it. I'll listen.

From my office in the Riviera Village of Redondo Beach, CA,

I serve the Greater Los Angeles area.

Contact me to schedule your appointment to change your life.

You can become a Whole. New. YOU.

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