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VISION:2020 - Step into Your Big Vision, July 19-25, 2020

VISION:2020 - Step into Your Big Vision, July 19-25, 2020


VISION:2020 Peru Retreat
July 19-25, 2020

Are you ready to step into your new life…to your BIG Vision of what your life should be?

You know, the one that calls to you: A better relationship, a better job, enjoying life, and being happy. Living YOUR life instead of living what someone else wants you to do.

Travel to Catalina Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru for this 7-day, 6-night empowerment retreat.

Vision 2020 is designed to guide you to realize your Big Vision, the Sacred Vision of your life.

Each day we will focus on a different aspect of success. From creating a clear vision, to removing blocks and realizing your worthiness. The final day will include my own hypnotic manifestation session to bring it all together.

Why did I create VISION: 2020?

Five years ago, October 2014, I stepped away from my old life.

It was the one I thought I wanted, the one everyone else told me I should be living.

I was the most successful sales rep (outside of the family members who served legacy clients) of a 40-year old printing company, consistently selling over $1 million per year.

I approached my job far differently than any of my predecessors. I was entirely hands-on – from design consultation, to production planning, to execution and sometimes delivery, I made sure that my customers got what they needed.

Of course, since I saw and did things differently, my efforts were not appreciated.

There’s a famous saying that goes, “Sometimes you have to be willing to give up the good to make room for the great.”

Their previous success was their prison. It was familiar and comfortable for them.

They were not willing to sacrifice the good to pursue the “great” that they talked about so well.

They had a vision of where they wanted the company to grow to. They just weren’t willing to take new actions to make it happen.

I threatened the status-quo. I pushed them to face their comfort zone.

I was regularly told, “You’re just a salesman. You shouldn’t be talking to production.”

(Writing that now still reminds me of the frustration and anger I felt at the time.)

No one, NO ONE, is ever “just the role they play.” I wasn’t and you aren’t either.

If you’ve ever heard something similar, you know how insulting those comments are.

I remember the day I snapped and said, “NO MORE.”

I packed my office and walked out.

I had never felt so free. That weekend was incredible.

In declaring my freedom, they had lost their power over me.

Or, I should say, I regained my power over my life.

Of course, reality set it a few days later when I realized that I had stepped away with no plan; I still had a mortgage and other commitments.

The day I returned to working for that company felt like a major failure, because I didn’t return on my terms. I went back because I thought I had to, because it felt like my only option.

There I was, two days removed from feeling free to now feeling the shackles around my ankles again.

But now things were different.

I had chosen my path instead of merely accepting it. I knowingly stepped into prison with the mindset of a free man.

What’s the positive side of this story?

Stepping back granted me the space to make a plan for the next phase of my life.

Over the next year, I dug deep into my values and discovered my purpose. I knew what I was called to do in this life. My interests and talents now made sense…I was no longer defining my life through the eyes and expectations of others.

At that moment, I began living my life fully as a way to help others fully live theirs.

In the past few years, I have written three bestselling books, helped hundreds of clients to rediscover their personal power, and taught over a thousand students to become life coaches.

My life is full. I am living the purpose that had been calling me for decades.

I only had to discover a place of free silence to hear it in my heart.

When I stepped into that vision and took action to make it real, my life changed.

In the words of Paul Coehlo, the Universe conspired with me to make it happen.

The Universe is looking for new conspirators. Are you ready to take the call?

Is your heart calling to you? Can you feel something bigger begging you to listen – saying that your life can be happier and more peaceful?

Are you sensing that your life could be better – happier, more successful, more peaceful – but you don’t quite have the details or plan to make it real?

Are you ignoring that calling because others are telling you that there’s no money in pursuing your passion? Maybe you are scared of failing, so you accept the bread and water of your prison rather than embracing the abundance of your freedom.

Or maybe others are telling you to suck it up and deal, this is the best life ever gets…if so, ask yourself “Are they happy?” If the answer is no, stop listening to them and start listening to your heart.

It’s time for you to stop living the limits of others, and start living the abundance of your purpose, your calling.

VISION:2020 is your place to declare your freedom.

·         Share your goals in a safe, supportive space, with others who also hear their calling

·         Declare your intention to live the way you want to live, defining your success

·         Remove the fear and blocks that have held you in place until now

·         Discover your true self and your power

·         Step into your life of purpose, and truly start living

Are you ready to take the first step on the path to your new life?

Your Big Vision is calling. Answer the call.

It won’t be all work and no play, either…

Each day we’ll travel to explore a special place in the Sacred Valley. You’ll meet the locals of this magical land, work with the shamans, tour Pisac, and of course we’ll spend a day at Machu Picchu to experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Breakfast and rooms included. Travel to and from Cusco airport included.

All prices based on double occupancy

Prices DO NOT include airfare

Trip - $2,795

Early Bird Discount (until Oct 31, 2019) - $2,495

Payment Option: 5 Easy Payments of $595 (must be paid-in-full by May 1, 2020). Contact Daniel to arrange for this option.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation.