Video Blog! How is Hypnotherapy Different Than Stage Hypnosis?

Why are people sometimes afraid of hypnotherapy?

It's actually a very understandable reaction.

I even wrote a blog about it; it's one of the most popular articles on my site.

When their only exposure to hypnosis is based upon experiencing stage hypnotists, they have a false perception of what hypnotherapy is about.

Instead of seeing the power of hypnosis to change negative mindsets and create results, they have a perception that being hypnotized equals being out of control or under the control of another person.

Watch this video to learn how hypnotherapy is different than stage hypnosis.

8 thoughts on “Video Blog! How is Hypnotherapy Different Than Stage Hypnosis?”

  1. I haven’t witnessed stage hypnotists but the power of suggestion is strong regardless when it comes to a relaxed open mind. It’s powerful when used for better things than mockery for entertainment and you did a great job of explaining that.

  2. Great stuff Dan. It’s always hard to change peoples mind when they have preconceived ideas. Especially when what you do is so blatantly different than their belief system. Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks, Dan. A great explanation of the differences. I can see how watching what goes on with a stage hypnotist can cause worry and concern amongst your potential clients. Good points made in this video.

  4. Great video, Dan. Well done. I like how you summarized the two different types of reactions of people when they hear the word “hypnotherapy” or “hypnotist”. I have received hypnotherapy in the past and found it enjoyable. I’m identifying what my mental blocks are in regards to my own entrepreneurial journey (impostor syndrome, fear of success, etc.) and wondering how hypnotherapy can help.

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