Video Blog! What is Hypnotherapy?

Through my Facebook page, I was recently asked, "What is Hypnotherapy?"

The definition used in my training at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is, "The use of therapeutic techniques or principles in conjunction with hypnosis. Treatment utilizing hypnosis."

So, when I meet with a client, we're using hypnosis to help them to achieve their goal of making a change in their life. Maybe it's to stop smoking or lose weight; maybe they have a have a loop of negative internal self-talk that is holding them back from realizing their ambitions.

Why use hypnosis?

Hypnosis allows us to engage directly with the subconscious where emotions and beliefs are held. Through this direct access, the client can realize their results faster than through other methods such as psychotherapy or behavioral therapy.

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  1. A very good explanation of what is hypnotherapy! I appreciate the detailed yet step by step description. It just flowed, like one, two, three, five! oops 😉

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