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Video testimonial by Dr. Isaiah Hankel, author of Black Hole Focus. 

Isaiah describes his experience working with Daniel, including how he gained a new perspective on hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

When I met Dan I was not looking for a hypnotherapist. We met while working and sharing our life experiences through out the work day.

I’ve known Dan for over six months and three sessions later I’m on my way to living a more positive, productive and happy life.

I have begun taking the steps to discover my purpose by using hypnotherapy as a tool to understanding my potential. Dan not only made me feel comfortable enough to open up about my fears and insecurities but he did it in a judgement free zone and always replies with high gain questions that make me think about a situation in a way I wouldn’t have ever seen it on my own.

I have learned we all have a different way of processing information but he challenges me to step outside of my “norm” and explore a world of endless possibilities. He has taught me that all the strength I need to achieve my life goals are already inside of me but using meditation, and setting goals for our hypnotherapy sessions has helped me bring them to life.

Dan has made me realize and understand nothing is impossible and to never limit my self when it comes to achieving my life goals.

I can only say so much about my journey with Dan and hypnotherapy but I invite you to experience it for yourself! The only advice I would give is to enter his office with an open mind and you will amaze yourself with what your capable of achieving.

I have so much to learn and consider myself to be a complete novice to the practice of hypnotherapy, but I know that I can say it has enhanced my quality of life and improved my drive to achieve my goals. This is something I hope everyone can experience.
— A. Parker, Naples, FL

I was presented with the opportunity to work with Dan in the summer of 2015, and I’ll admit, at first, I was extremely skeptical.

Probably like a lot of you, my only previous experience with hypnosis was seeing the old cartoons or TV shows of a guy with a pocket watch making people get “sleepy.. SLEEEEPY” or seeing a guy hypnotize a bunch of college kids to quack like ducks or unknowingly make out with their buddy sitting next to them. Needless to say, I did not have the most positive interpretation of the hypnosis profession.

Within a couple minutes of our initial consultation, all of my misconceptions were put to rest. Dan has a fantastic ability to maintain a professional demeanor, while at the same time making it seem as if we were just two old friends discussing what was going on in my day. It would be much the same type of conversation we might have over dinner, except with a deeper purpose behind it.

As a Mental Performance Coach, I can tell you, working with Dan, has been a tremendous benefit for me. Even with all of my study on athletes, my work to get them to perform at their peak and help them to overcome their limiting beliefs , I am human and limiting beliefs of my own come slipping in every once in a while. Dan’s recording has really helped in squashing them.

For anyone who may be on the fence, don’t let the mysticism or misconceptions of hypnotherapy stop you, think of the recordings and work you do with Dan in the same way you would as taking a vitamin or drinking your daily protein shake. All you’re doing is fortifying your mind as you would your body, to see the change you want.
— Matt Marcinek. DisabledGrappler Performance Coaching

For the past 12 months I have been working to change every aspect of my life. Everything from cutting out negative people, to implementing a minimalist lifestyle, the food I put in my body , what I wear, etc. Pretty much revamping everything I could to make my life what I always imagined it should be. Thing was I had some blocks I couldn’t will power my way through without self sabotage showing up along the way. This is where Daniel comes in.

I contacted him and we set up a time to talk. When we had our Skype time I didn’t realize it was going to get so emotional for me. I felt like I was struggling to find words to express how I was feeling, but hung in there and finished the session. After talking, I kept positive thoughts going that my recording would turn out to be everything I needed it to be, but part of me still thought I wasted an hour of Daniel’s and my time.

Turns out Daniel worked his magic turning our conversation into something not only fantastic, but had so much depth to it. I felt like he read my mind, but better, it was beyond anything I could of put into words myself. Daniel is, no doubt, doing what he was called to do! In the recording his voice is soothing, yet powerful and easy to follow. It was perfect!

I admit, the first week listening to the recording was emotionally draining for me. I cried every time I listened to it. I don’t do emotions well. I’m generally a happy person, but when things get to deep, I’m really good at running away. With Daniel’s help I have implemented many positive changes and reestablished an overall sense of worthiness. I have a ways to go, but am enjoying the journey more these days. Now I no longer cry listening to the recording. I look forward to waking up and going to bed each day to be able to be taken to a place where everything is as it should be and one day (soon I shall add) WILL be reality. So it’s safe to say Daniel’s hypnotherapy is working!

Thank you, Daniel, for showing me how hypnotherapy really works. Prior to working with Daniel, when the topic of hypnosis came up, my mind would automatically think of someone on stage walking around flapping their ‘wings’ and clucking like a chicken. Turns out it’s an amazing way to create different patterns, build new behaviors, and have fresh ways of dealing with situations. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave hypnotherapy a chance. It has changed my life for sure. Thanks a million Daniel!
— Stephanie

I had the good pleasure of connecting with Dan in 2015 and when I learned of what his background was, I was keen to work with him in my goal to stop smoking. Dan conducted a very thorough online working session with me and prepared some highly effective guided meditations which helped me focus.

These tools were invaluable in fortifying my will power to stop smoking.

After several weeks I dramatically reduced smoking, and as of now I am smoke-free and feeling much better. The other thing that impressed me about Dan is his deep understanding of psychological influences and how to suppress the bad ones and liberate the good ones.

He’s absolutely awesome and I recommend him to everyone.
— John A.