Daniel Olexa Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Services I offer

I'm here to help.



I'm here to help you, not to judge you.


And, in the digital age, I can help you anywhere in the world!

Contact me to set up a consultation. We'll create a plan for your success. If you are interested in becoming a non-smoker, visit me at Quitza.


As a matter of professional preference, I do not induce the hypnotic state over an online connection. We will discuss your issues and goals during our session. After we hang up, I will create your personalized recording and send it to you via e-mail.


We all have a story about who we are.

I believe that we are the embodiment of the stories that we tell about ourselves. 


Techniques that I offer to help you succeed. I have a variety of tools to guide you to reach your goal: 

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We’ll work together to choose the right protocols for you and your beliefs.


Our work together is about YOU. I am here to help you achieve success.