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How to Create the life you dream of living

Practical Manifesting

Wishing alone will not make it work.

Image by Don Ptashne

Image by Don Ptashne

Daniel Olexa has been drawn to the powers of the mind for his entire life. After realizing his passion for helping others to improve their lives and his natural ability at problem solving, Daniel left the corporate world and began his studies in hypnotherapy. After completing 500 hours of training at the Institute for Interpersonal Hypnotherapy in Tampa, Florida, Daniel opened his first practice in Naples, FL. Daniel continues to empower others around the world to realize their strengths, discover The Flow, and reinvent their lives from his current office in Los Angeles, CA.


It all started when...

I realized that other books in the genre of manifestation focused mainly on the Law of Attraction. While it is helpful to know about this law, there are many other factors that contribute to successful life change than just wishing.

When I was introduced to my co-author, Iris Terner, I realized that I had met the perfect person with whom to create the book that was in my head, because it was in hers too.

Iris and I wanted to write a book that was accessible to those who had previously tried working with just the Law of Attraction and did not receive their wish. Our goal was to create a grounded, practical work that bridged the popular concepts of Life Mastery with the spiritual ideas of the Universal Laws.

Practical Manifesting.

Practical Manifesting.

Practical Manifesting is that book.

Practical Manifesting brings a much-needed grounded perspective to the manifesting genre and concepts of the Universal Laws (including the often-misunderstood Law of Attraction).

If you have read previous books on these topics and have been left feeling disappointed when "wishing alone didn't make it work," this is the hands-on, practical book for you.

“We become the stories that we tell about ourselves – positive or negative tales that shape our reality.”

This book absolutely helped me shift my story. This is a fantastic read for any level of spirituality and experience. It’s a true self-help book, no matter your need, goal, or struggle. I highly (very highly) recommend it, and will be strongly advising my own clients to invest their time in it.
— Cari Moisan, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

This book supports the growth and development of individuals as they learn the "secret" behind manifesting their goals or intentions while overcoming fears and creating a life they were meant to live. It bridges the gap between spiritual concepts and grounded action, connecting two worlds that have been separated for too long.

Beginning with exercises and meditations to clarify your vision and intention for your life, I use my experiences as a hypnotherapist and life mastery coach to guide readers to understand how learned, faulty subconscious beliefs create unseen obstacles to the realization of their goals.

Overcoming these blocks is key to actualizing your intended outcome.

Practical Manifesting is of great value to both the beginner and more advanced student. It lays out the path in a clear and supportive manner, while acknowledging the work involved to become truly awakened. It is a book that I wish I could have found years ago while struggling for this exact information!
— Marion Thompson

At the spiritual level, the authors offer a discussion on chakras, how the energies and beliefs centered in each create obstacles to the manifesting process.

Meditations and enlightening information from Iris lead readers to examine and clear the energies at each point, moving from survival mode, step by step to full awakening and actualization. Iris also is a spiritual teacher who over the last 20 years, has dedicated herself to teaching those who are ready to realize their True Self and Higher Self in hopes of realizing the ultimate truth of all.

We are both committed professionals who have assisted countless people over the many years of their practices to heal and realize their personal truth.

Order your copy here and learn how to create your new life.


Practical Manifesting:
The Recorded Meditations

Practical Manifesting: The Meditations

Practical Manifesting: The Meditations

After you've ordered the book, get your copy of the recorded meditations here. Written by Iris and read by Dan, this collection of the six meditations from Practical Manifesting will help guide you to realizing the life you dream of living.

Image by Dale Chan

Image by Dale Chan

Orecia (Iris) Irene Terner originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta and now resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Iris studied under Randall Chipps, an aboriginal Medicine Man and Chieftain of the Dhididat Tribe of the Nootka people of the Pacific West Coast. Randall discovered Iris to be a natural-born shaman who would carry on his legacy. Upon completing her education through Randall's accredited integrated school, Iris has been working as a Shaman, Behavior Therapist, spiritual teacher, and Reiki Practitioner/Teacher for nearly 20 years. Iris lives The Flow which this book describes in detail.