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My Two Minute Journal

It all starts with gratitude. Once you are aware of the good things happening in your life, and are mindfully thankful for them, you create space for positive growth to begin.

In My Two Minute Journal, you’ll gain insight into the lessons behind the challenges that you face every day; turning your challenges into your biggest assets.

An Amazon #1 New Release, My Two Minute Journal is changing lives.

"I love this opportunity for deep introspection. Forward focused, yet, powerfully mindful.
A must have for creating consciously."

~ Tiffany Cianci, Priestess, Usui Reiki Master, Owner, The Salted Pixie, Archbald, PA

 Align your thoughts, face your challenges as opportunities, recognize your patterns, and take action to create the life you want to live.

You are in control.

Take your first step now.