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Life Coaching

Reach your highest potential


What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching helps you to remember your personal strength so that you can actively choose to live your dreams and achieve a happy, successful life. 


What are the benefits of working with a coach?

> With a coach you will:

  • be active, focused on realizing the goals that you really want,

  • create a plan for your life

  • be creating a balanced life, YOUR balanced life, based on your priorities,

  • push the limits of your comfort zone. By taking different action than you have in the past, you will create new, successful outcomes

  • reframe your perspective from victim-mentality to a resilient mindset of personal power

Are you ready to commit to changing your life? Iā€™m here to help.

> Sessions last 1 hour, meeting weekly

Life Coaching Packages

*Purchasing a package gives you the benefit of a substantial discount of 10% over the cost of individual sessions. It also assures your commitment to achieve your goals in a more comprehensive approach.

*Packages require payment in advance to ensure the pricing of all your sessions as well as to secure your convenient dates/times for appointments.

12-hour Introductory Package:

> 12 weekly meetings, one-hour sessions

It takes time to create a new habit, particularly when we're feeling confused about which way to go. Our old beliefs will keep us stuck, or worse, lead us to self-sabotage our efforts.

With this package, you'll get 12 one-on-one meetings where we'll work together to help you reach the next level. You'll uncover your strengths and how to embrace them, learn how to take intentional action and how to recognize all the achievements that are leading you toward your goal

18-hour Breakthrough Package:

> 18 weekly meetings, one-hour sessions

Studies have shown that clients who take part in a minimum of 14 hours of coaching show significantly higher achievement of their goals as well as enjoying an improved outlook on life.

Over 18 sessions, we will work together to create sustainable changes in your life that will become your foundation as you reinvent your life and achieve your objectives. 

24-hour Mastery Package:

> 24 weekly meetings, one-hour sessions

This package is planned as a six-month program that takes you beyond creating a new outlook and guides you to fully embrace your path to success. By continuing your coaching engagement past the 3-month breakthrough, you'll be able to not only keep your momentum, but increase it as you stay focused on your personal power and achievements.

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