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Extra Testimonials

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Extra Testimonials


Prior to my hypnotherapy sessions with Daniel, I had difficulty making quick decisions. I always focused on wanting to make the “right” decision or the “perfect” choice. This made my life very difficult as I felt the pressure to be “perfect” and “right” all the time. It was very stressful.

I learned about hypnotherapy and heard lots of amazing stories of dramatic life changes. I was curious to see if it would work for me. I came to Daniel to help me with my issue.

Dan is very professional and thorough. He was able to help me solve my issue within two hours. It was a very special experience for me. It is through Daniel’s hypnotherapy session that I learned new ways of seeing the creation of solutions. He also helped me to be more confident about myself.

I enjoy being in the hypnotic state. It is so peaceful and wonderful. Daniel also taught me how to enter into the state anytime I wish, so that I can experience calm and relaxation while focusing my mind.

Thanks to Daniel, I am living a better life and will return to him for additional help if I ever need it.

Thank you so much!
— Rong Gu, China

I was compelled to partake in the creation of a personalized hypnotherapy audio track as I have always been curious about how the mind can be affected by suggestion and hypnosis. I was presented with an opportunity to experience the process and effects of hypnotherapy first-hand with Dan Olexa at SWFL Hypnotherapy.

Before the conversation with Dan, he asked me to read through and answer some questions about areas of my life I would like to improve, for me, it was confidence, eliminating self-doubt and becoming a better conversationalist. Having thoroughly prepared for our consultation, which was via Skype (as I am living in Mexico City and Dan in Florida) I was ready to begin. Dan made this easier, as he was approachable and immediately made me feel comfortable.

Throughout the session we discussed topics and areas of my life that I wanted to improve. This was aided by the initial questions that Dan had emailed me. While in the session Dan used different phrasing of these questions to prompt responses and always had alternative ways to ask the same question, in my case this was very helpful. It always allowed me to think about the responses I had prepared to the questions, and gain more clarity as to what I really thought we should be working on. The session was in-depth and we covered the main topics I wanted to improve very thoroughly, and touched on a couple of other topics as well that are intertwined with these main topics. Through response exercises and more questions, Dan was able to determine how best to phrase the messages for my personalized audio track, which was an enlightening experience.

Dan promptly emailed me the audio track within a couple of hours of our consultation, just in time for bed and my first listening session. Dan’s smooth voice helped me seamlessly drift into a hypnotic and relaxed state, and the slow and melodic pace drew me in. I had no trouble sleeping that night, or any of the other nights I listened to the personalized audio track. Astoundingly, I saw results immediately! This blew my mind as I was expecting it to be a gradual process and notice tiny changes over the ten day initial period.

What happened was, I was Skyping with my sister and out of nowhere popped her boyfriend. I have only met him once, and I find it difficult to talk with people I don’t know (a reminder that one of the areas I was wanting to work on was conversation). The amazing thing was I didn’t react! I continued talking with my sister and included him in the conversation, it simply continued. “Brilliant” was all I could think, and it made me even more positive and I looked forward to continuing the journey. This was only after listening to the track once. As the days passed, I was seeing exceptional changes in the way that I engaged with people, held conversations without breaking into a sweat, had confidence, and eradicated self-doubt. Yes, I had slip ups along the way, and I continue to notice slight regressions, and the best part is; I notice them and I do not allow them to effect me. This process has truly been transforming. I would have been happy if a third of the changes I have noticed took place, but I am very grateful for what has occurred.

If you need that extra push to make your life better, or overcome a mental obstacle or conditioning that you have told yourself over the years. One of mine was “that I am not good enough or deserving of,” which is now a distant thought pattern. I highly recommend Dan Olexa and his personalized hypnotherapy. It really does have positive effects on your life.
— Dr. Luke W. Sciberras

For the past 12 months I have been working to change every aspect of my life. Everything from cutting out negative people, to implementing a minimalist lifestyle, the food I put in my body , what I wear, etc. Pretty much revamping everything I could to make my life what I always imagined it should be. Thing was I had some blocks I couldn’t will power my way through without self sabotage showing up along the way. This is where Daniel comes in.

I contacted him and we set up a time to talk. When we had our Skype time I didn’t realize it was going to get so emotional for me. I felt like I was struggling to find words to express how I was feeling, but hung in there and finished the session. After talking, I kept positive thoughts going that my recording would turn out to be everything I needed it to be, but part of me still thought I wasted an hour of Daniel’s and my time.

Turns out Daniel worked his magic turning our conversation into something not only fantastic, but had so much depth to it. I felt like he read my mind, but better, it was beyond anything I could of put into words myself. Daniel is, no doubt, doing what he was called to do! In the recording his voice is soothing, yet powerful and easy to follow. It was perfect!

I admit, the first week listening to the recording was emotionally draining for me. I cried every time I listened to it. I don’t do emotions well. I’m generally a happy person, but when things get to deep, I’m really good at running away. With Daniel’s help I have implemented many positive changes and reestablished an overall sense of worthiness. I have a ways to go, but am enjoying the journey more these days. Now I no longer cry listening to the recording. I look forward to waking up and going to bed each day to be able to be taken to a place where everything is as it should be and one day (soon I shall add) WILL be reality. So it’s safe to say Daniel’s hypnotherapy is working!

Thank you, Daniel, for showing me how hypnotherapy really works. Prior to working with Daniel, when the topic of hypnosis came up, my mind would automatically think of someone on stage walking around flapping their ‘wings’ and clucking like a chicken. Turns out it’s an amazing way to create different patterns, build new behaviors, and have fresh ways of dealing with situations. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave hypnotherapy a chance. It has changed my life for sure. Thanks a million Daniel!
— Stephanie

I came to Dan with the goal of increasing my ease at transitioning from writing fiction to writing non-fiction. I had delayed quite a few projects for various reasons and wanted to start writing confidently again.
After listening to the hypnotic programming recording that Dan custom-created for me, I have achieved the following successes:

• A poem I had started many months ago which I couldn’t finish before (despite what I wanted to make out of it) was finished 2 weeks after I began listening to the recording.

• I planned to kick off a small fiction project right away after finishing the second draft of my book last month, but fear took hold of me at the time. I have now begun writing that project.

• I read 2 very helpful writing books this week and have begun incorporating their tips and methods into my fiction writing. I believe it’s closely tied with the confidence issue I was having because I tried to avoid any fiction-related stuff during the ordeal and chose to keep a blind eye with my weak spots. But with the help of the recording I suddenly felt I couldn’t run away from it anymore. When I stumbled upon the 2 writing books by chance, I strongly felt I had to read them. Glad I did because there was a lot of helpful stuff in them and without the resurgence of confidence, I would not have taken notice of them.

• I am eager to hop back on writing the next draft of my book. I had placed it on hold to focus on the small project (#2).

• The funny thing about this is my confidence with my non-fiction writing has improved too. I have applied some changes with my blogging after having some eureka moments, seeing some patterns I haven’t seen before. In fact, I have decided to make a mind map of everything just this week to give me a clearer picture of what I’m doing.

Dan, thank you for your help in opening up my creativity so I can allow it to flow.
— Xeno Hemlock

I have always been open to trying new things and ideas throughout my life. That is how one learns and grows. Helping us develop into interesting and well-rounded individuals. However, hypnotherapy was never on my list of things to try. After getting to know Dan and listening to his passion for what he does, I decided to give it a try.

Dan began our session with the question, “What is it I want to work on or change in my life?” I could have come up with a whole laundry list of things I want to work on but after some serious soul searching I told him I really wanted to be more confident in feeling that the “other shoe” so to speak would not drop in my life. We all experience ups and downs in our lives. But for me if seems that just when my life gets rolling along well….BAM, something happens to steer me off course. What I needed to work on was not having that feeling in my relationship with the man that had come into my life and changed my heart.

Dan spent some time asking me general questions about my life, habits, and feelings about different topics. He then began the session. It seemed very foreign to me to even be expressing something so personal, but Dan’s smooth voice and demeanor allowed me to be extremely relaxed, open and honest. He spoke several times about focusing on the positive and empowering myself to believe that I am worthy of this relationship. Breaking negative habits and allowing myself to feel confident in my relationship.

After our session had ended, Dan provided me with an audio recording that I was to listen to every day. I have since listened to the recording in the evenings when I am quiet and have allowed my busy day to be behind me. I have to say it has allowed me to really appreciate the gift I have been given instead of focusing on the “what ifs”.

We all have control over our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that and accept ourselves for the imperfect beings that we are. Dan has certainly helped me in my personal journey to awareness and self-love.
— J.R. - Naples, FL

Following my mothers death earlier this year I felt caught in a time warp, being unable to move forward with the business side of my passion. It was during this phase that I had my session with Dan. Our interview conversation helped me explore the in-apparent reasons behind me stalling. The whole session helped bring me and my passion back into focus.

From the information he uncovered in our discussion, Dan made me a recording, respectfully incorporating my faith and goals. Since then I have a renewed sense of direction and pace. The positive affirmations in the recording strengthened my focus and aspirations and gently nudged me out of my comfort zone of ‘being busy all the time’. I now feel God is encouraging me in every way to fulfill my purpose in leading people to live in authentic harmony as well as helping them live genuinely healthier lives.

On a personal level Dan comes across as a very genuine and warm person. Dan’s strong yet comforting voice goes a long way in enabling your inner potential. I am sure his new vocation will reach and spur many on their respective life journey’s, and I wish everyone the very best.
— Dr. J. Michael, Covenant Health | www.thecovenanthealth.com

I came to Dan Olexa while in search of more focus and self-confidence.

Dan created a customized hypnotic programming recording for me and although I was skeptical at first, having nothing to lose, I committed to listening to the recording twice a day. I am happy to report that the results have been amazing.

The first thing I noticed was that I became hyper aware of my environment. I instantly became better at detecting manipulative people and their toxic comments and actions. This part of the process was quite unnerving at first but extremely helpful for my growth. About 3-4 days later, I noticed I had become much better at dealing with other people’s negativity and toxicity and this alleviated the unnecessary guilt and overwhelm I had been experiencing. About a week into listening to the recording, I noticed that I was sleeping more deeply and for longer periods of time. I wake up far more refreshed than before.

I am extremely grateful for all that Dan has done for me. I am now more productive in every aspect of my life, particularly as a mother and an entrepreneur. I make good decisions more quickly without experiencing doubt or guilt. Dan instantly made me feel very comfortable. He is insightful, thoughtful, deeply intelligent and hilarious.

Working with him was both fun and enlightening. Highly recommended!
— Nishi Sood

Dan Olexa is THE professional in his chosen field of hypnotherapy.

He is well prepared and thorough. I was immediately at ease during our interview. Dan’s sincerity and caring nature underscore his ability as a hypnotherapist. Subtle appreciation for neuro-linguistic triggers and emphasis on the positive make listening to Dan’s smooth soothing tones an appealing exercise. Dan provided me with a recording of my suggestion therapy session. The recording, which was delivered timely, comes complete with instructions for maximum benefit.
Hypnotherapy is helping me to focus and refocus the quality of my life. I am setting actionable goals for myself in all areas of my life and working with a health coach.

I deserve the best and I’m listening to Dan!
— Judy Dubé, Toronto ON