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On this page you will find a variety of meditations for enhancing your mindset, grounding and centering, and releasing baggage.

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Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindfulness Meditation is designed to help us release baggage and negativity on the three levels at which we experience life: physical,  emotional and mental.

Listen to this recording to become aware of those things that cause you distress and then release them with the realization that they are outside of you -- THESE DISCOMFORTS AND STRESSES ARE NOT YOU. They are fictions that keep you from moving forward.


> NOTES FROM IRIS TERNER, Author of this meditation:

"We live and experience through the physical, emotional and mental bodies. 

The physical body is a very dense energy vessel which allows experience through our five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste.  Our physical bodies respond to different thoughts and emotions which can actually fashion what the body will look like and how healthy it will be.

The emotional body, which is formed in and around the physical body, holds all our emotional baggage.  Whatever we feel at some level is imprinted in this body. Emotional baggage creates many issues that the physical body suffers through such as illness due to stress and anxiety, eating disorders due to emotional eating habits and cravings and other emotional health problems such as depression.  When we release this baggage, this body brightens up and is cleansed which allows emotional maturity and overall healing to occur.

The mental body, which is formed in and around the physical and emotional bodies, holds our beliefs, thoughts, memories and judgements.  Stories about our lives are created from all that is stored in the mental body.  By releasing worn out thoughts and beliefs from the past, stressful thoughts and condemning judgements, we are able to balance and re-wire our left and right hemispheres of our brains which creates peace, clarity and balance and allows wisdom to be accessed. 

All the bodies need to be brought into higher alignment to create optimum system function of all the bodies which can only be done through releasing and changing that which needs to be released and/or changed."


Grounding Meditations

The following recordings are two versions of the Tree of Life Grounding Meditation.

One version is spiritually-focused, while the other is for those with whom the wording of the spiritual version does not resonate. Either will be effective, use the version that you feel most comfortable with.

This guided meditation will help to align you with the energies of the Universe and the Earth to center and ground.


> All things in the Universe have energy fields, as science has proven.

A tree is part of a grid within a universal ecosystem. Envisioning yourself as a tree may help you understand how that system works and allows your connectivity to absorb the revitalizing and nurturing force of energy. Grounding allows higher vibrational energy to move through you without short-circuiting or over-loading your personal energy field.

Centering helps you to connect with what you are able realize: feelings of togetherness, love, wholeness and so on. Also, grounding and centering before you sit for other types of meditation such as healing, releasing and/or transcendental meditation allows for better results.


> Grounding Meditation - Non-Spiritual Version

Meditation written by Iris Terner.


> Grounding Meditation - Spiritual Version

Meditation written by Iris Terner.