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Suggested readings to help you redefine your life. If you are serious about making changes in your life, the best place to start is with reframing your mindset. These books are designed to do just that.

These are powerful tools that can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to help you realize your true power and potential.

Black Hole Focus

Black Hole Focus

Black Hole Focus
by Isaiah Hankel

This is, in my opinion, the best book currently on the market for implementing life changes.

Use it for motivation to get started, keep reading it to stay on track and then look back at what you've accomplished.

This book is life changing. Combining the techniques in Dr. Hankel's book with hypnotherapy for focus and clearing will bring about incredible results.
See Dr. Hankel's video testimonial of the results of his session with me here.

The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

By Alex Ikonn and UJ Ramdas


If you feel stuck in a loop of negative mindset, this book is the best place to start reformatting your beliefs.

The Five Minute Journal helps you to shift your focus from all the things that you see going wrong to realizing that you have things to be grateful for everyday.

In just ten days of using this book, you will sense a difference in how you perceive your life. Your outlook will be more positive and you will be more open to possibilities for growth.

There are different formats of this publication available, but I prefer this one. It is setup in a hardback format, just like a journal. It feels more personal that other versions that I have seen.

If you aren't ready for hypnotherapy, but you want to start changing your life, begin here. Shift your mindset, open to opportunity and possibility.