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Pessimist’s Guide to Manifesting 16: The Law of Intention and Desire

How to take action to show the Universe that you are serious

Have you ever noticed that when you take action, things just seem to fall into place?
We’ve come a long way on this journey together. Ideally in that time you have made intentional steps toward achieving your goals.
From the start of this series, my mantra has been, “Wishing alone will not make it work. You have to take action.”
Two weeks ago, I was doubting my mojo. It seemed like the eclipse of 2017 had left me feeling tired and unmotivated.
Rather than give all my personal power over to a celestial event, I kept moving forward… researching, writing articles, networking.
Granted, I was moving at a slower pace than what is normal for me, but I kept moving forward. I didn’t stop and say to myself, “I feel like crap this week, so I’ll just wait until this feeling passes to do anything worthwhile.”
Instead, I focused my energy. I produced a PowerPoint deck for a class that I’m presenting this week, and one for a presentation in two weeks. I started this article along with another on a different topic, and I completed an assignment for some powerful, advanced hypnotherapy training.
All good stuff.
What was I telling the Universe as I was slugging along this week? I was saying, “I’m ready. I’m doing the work required to achieve my goal.”
What are you doing to tell the Universe that you are ready?
It’s very easy to feel stuck at any point. When things aren’t going our way, or when events just don’t seem to be happening fast enough for us, it’s a natural response to feel as though we are struggling to achieve our outcomes.
We may even feel that the Universe is against us.
After all, why would it provide us with a dream and then keep us from it? Is it watching us and laughing?
The Universe is not characterized by a sense of humor, nor is it cruel.
It is we humans who are cruel to ourselves through our application of finite, typically negative, beliefs about ourselves.
The Universe provides and creates. Human beings apply meaning to what has been created.
In past articles, I’ve presented to you the concept of Pure Potentiality: Anything you can dream of, you can manifest.
I’ve also discussed outside of this series the idea that time does not exist beyond of our own need to define events.
The Universe, being timeless, is beyond our human concept of time.
In fact, time limits us. Or rather, our perception of time limits us.
Not only do we make statements that focus on our mortality, “I only have so many years,” “There’s not enough time in the day,” “I’m already ___ years old. I can’t do _____ anymore;” we also create an ego-centric outlook that demands that events happen on OUR schedule because that’s what we want.
When things don’t happen within our declared deadline, we tend to feel like failures. We focus on what didn’t happen. Sometimes we even give up on our goal.
It is time to stop limiting yourself. Stop believing old stories of failures. These stories are false.
I love this quote by Paul Coelho: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
If you’re not on board with that sentiment just yet, let’s take a look at where you may be.
I hear you: If the Universe is conspiring with you, why is it taking so long for your goal to become real?
There are two possible answers.
1) You’re not ready yet and the Universe is helping you to prepare by presenting you with challenges. A crucible, if you will.
You may think you are ready for your outcome, but what if you’re not?
What key piece of information are you missing or what lesson have you not yet learned?
2) You’re in your own way, resonating with lower level vibrations, believing in subconscious old stories that are not empowering you. You are operating in fear, not in success.
Where is your focus – on the current challenge or your future success?
If you are placing your attention on the obstacles of the present, you are not directing your energies toward achievement.
It’s time to become an observer. Accept the current situation, realize it is a temporary challenge that you will overcome, and then decide which action will best move you forward.
Get some inertia going… An object at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion. That’s Newton’s First Law.
You can choose your direction. Will you stay moving in frustration, spiraling downward, filling your RAS with messages of limitations; or will you shift your mindset, realize the opportunities you have around you and take bold action to move toward your goals?
Choosing to move forward will activate the Law of Intention and Desire and show the Universe that you are serious about achieving your dreams.


Sit quietly and mediate. Let go of any and all negative associations toward your current events.
Ground yourself and clear your mind of chatter.
Declare your intention to achieve your goal. Ask the Universe to help you by providing clear insights, clear opportunities and realization of any lessons that you require to move forward.
Give thanks for your current situation. While superficially frustrating, this challenge has opened your eyes to a new opportunity for growth and a better way to live. Without this awareness, you would continue spiraling without direction.
Thank the Universe for its help in achieving your outcome. Act as if it has already occurred.
Question: What is the first action you are going to take this week as you declare your intention to the Universe?