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A Pessimist's Guide to Manifesting 19: The Law of Grace

Why you need to break a few eggs

Last week we discussed the Law of Least Effort, how to get out of our own way when we are creating struggle for ourselves and how to once again be in the Flow.

When we step back from our thoughts about a situation, and we calm ourselves through meditation or possibly self-hypnosis, we begin to see a bigger picture of how it all fits together. From this perspective, struggles as perceived by the ego are merely moments of growth as we let go of the old us and embrace our more learned self who we need to be to manifest our desire.

I am reminded of Sisyphus.

His story is a wonderful metaphor for how our ego perceives life. Forever condemned to roll the boulder of our dreams uphill, only to see it roll away again at our moment of triumph.

Our ego loves to keep us small by focusing on the struggle, on the effort, on that four-letter word that is WORK, because for it, outside of the tangible results of this job, there is only the unknown.

Ego is afraid of the unknown.

Instead of allowing us to explore the world outside of our comfort zone, our ego wants us to stay small.

Like a baby chick still inside of its egg, we remain closed off from light and flow, until we realize that we must break the shell that has protected us and kept us safe to this point in our lives.

Without taking action to peck our way out of this constricting environment, we will die.

The chicken just knows that it has to get out of the egg. So, it takes action.

For us, our ego gets in the way. It tells us how great our current place is: it’s safe, it’s cozy, it has been so good for us, we should appreciate it and stay. Why change things, why break the walls of the home that has been so good to us?

Our Higher Self knows why. Because we are not meant to live a life of limitation. We are meant to grow and experience the world, bringing our unique manifestation to reality.

When we operate within the Law of Grace, we release our connection to the ego-mind. We stop listening to its thoughts of limitation.

Instead, we embrace our place with gratitude, understanding that in all struggle there is a lesson to be learned that leads us to our ultimate achievement. It leads to the realization of our desire.

With grace, we happily accept that we are exactly where we are supposed to be… and all is well.

When we are operating in balance with this law we also may realize that there is joy to be found in the struggle. Embracing our challenges as lessons brings us closer to achievement. Focusing with grace on what we have learned, rather than perceived punishments, brings our vibrations in tune with gratitude toward our path.

We become like Sisyphus as Albert Camus envisioned him: finding absurd joy and pleasure in his work. An existentialist hero.


As you have progressed with us through this manifestation program, what have you learned to embrace?

What lesson is present for you as you move out of your comfort zone and toward your new self?