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A Pessimist's Guide to Manifesting 17: The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration
How Does Quantum Physics Support the Law of Attraction?

In earlier articles, I mentioned Newtonian Physics as way of grounding the spiritual concept of manifesting in the three-dimensional, “real” world. Now it’s time to play with Quantum Physics.

Today, I am here to tell you that this 3D world does not exist. At least not in the way our senses tell us it does.

You’re probably reading his article while sitting down. How solid is that chair underneath you?

It feels very solid, right? Solid enough that you trust it to hold you weight.

How about the floor under it, the surface that is supporting the combined weight of both you and the chair? Seems solid… it certainly hurts if you accidentally trip, fall and impact against it.

What if I told you that these things, the chair and the floor, actually everything you see around you, is made up of mostly nothing.

Jonhathan Bergmann provides a wonderful explanation of this in his animated TEDtalk. See it here. Do it. It’s only 5 minutes long. (Or it would be if time really existed.)

Pretty amazing stuff, right?

What’s the big takeaway?

Solid objects are mostly made of nothing. They are vast empty space.

Well, vast empty space that contains some electromagnetic energy.

What does electromagnetic energy do?

It vibrates.

Here’s where Newtonian Physics is helpful in understanding the relationship of how vibrations respond to each other.

In his article for PBS, Don Lincoln explains how sub-atomic particles interact. He uses this metaphor: “This is like having two people in boats and having one of them throw a sack to the other—the thrower’s boat moves in response to the mass of the sack, as does the catcher’s boat.”

What are our thoughts? Energy.

What is most our seemingly physical world made of? Energy

What does energy do? It vibrates.

It is important at this point that we do not confuse magnetic energy with energy.

When looking at magnets, like charges repel each other. It is opposite charges that attract.

I prefer the energetic metaphor of a radio or television station. When your tuner is set to the right frequency, you receive the broadcast of that station.

Or, more accurately, in manifesting, you are the broadcast station and the Universe is the tuner.

What frequency are you sending out to the Universe? What signal is it listening to from you?

As your sending energy interacts with the Universe, the flow of vibrations returning to you are a reflection of your original output.

Are you hearing the music that you are wanting?

If not, it’s time to change your tune.


Become mindful of the signals you are receiving. What kind of radio station are you listening to?

Are you experiencing a life of upbeat happiness, peace and prosperity?

Or, does life feel like a classic country music song full of sorrow, drinkin', and lost dogs?

If you are not enjoying your station, it’s time to change it. Realizing what you are listening to is the first step.

If you are perceiving the “same old, same old,” what steps can you take to change your out-going frequency?

Take action and change your vibrations.