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A Pessimist's Guide to Manifesting 20: The Law of Mentalism

Why do you receive more of what you think about?

As we near the end of this series, it’s time now to consider just why we manifest our lives in the ways which we do.

Now please re-read that sentence.

Notice that I did not say, “why we manifest things/events/people into our lives….”

It is important that we create a clear understanding here. We manifest the whole of our lives.

Every. Single. Element.

At this moment, I’m not addressing those ideal futures and desired goals that we envision for ourselves, I’m talking about the here and now, the struggles, the limitations and the challenges.

Let’s examine our present and how we came to be here, so that we can manifest our ideal future free from the shackles of our old selves.

In a universe of unlimited, pure potentiality, why do we experience lack rather than abundance? Why do we allow ourselves to be stressed and miserable rather than happy?

We manifested our present state of being based on our learned opinions and beliefs about the events of our past. We defined ourselves in our minds, created stories about who we are, what we are capable of and, most importantly, what we deserve.

Continuing these beliefs will create the same outcomes, both challenges and successes, in our futures.

Maybe you are familiar with the old maxim: Insanity doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.”

Do you consider yourself insane? You seem quite rational to me – you’re reading this blog after all. You know that there is something better for you in life. You have that vision of your actualized, fulfilled life… but you aren’t there yet.

And that’s frustrating.

In your frustration, what are you attracting more of?

So, if you are facing challenges; if you are not happy with your life as it is right now, I have a question for you.

Why are you creating a reality that does not bring you happiness and fulfillment?

The simple answer is because we do not believe that we are deserving of happiness.

I can hear you. You’re thinking I’m the crazy one. Of course you believe that you are deserving of happiness. Isn’t everyone deserving of happiness and joy in their lives?

Yes. Everyone is deserving of creating and receiving happiness in their lives.

The important distinction here is, do they believe that they are deserving of it?

Consider the story of who you tell yourself that you are.

The story that is most important to your ego identity is the story that you are creating as your life.

If you have a vision of being financially stable, successful and happy, yet you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, what stories are you telling yourself?

You may have many stories about who you are. Maybe you tell yourself that you cannot be fully happy because you are undeserving of happiness. Maybe you tell yourself that being successful comes with a price that you either don’t want to pay or believe that you can’t. Maybe you see yourself as a healer, a giver-to-others who cannot/should not receive monetary payment for your services.

Those are old, learned stories that are no longer serving your higher potential.

We discussed this in an earlier article. The Universe/God/The Source does not tease you with visions of your life that cannot be manifested. It presents us with images of what we can achieve, who we can be when we align with It and our Highest Purpose, free from our limitations.

It’s up to us to do the work to clear ourselves, free our minds from the prison of false-ego, embrace with gratitude all of those things that caused us pain, and realize that we are perfectly who we are supposed to be.

There are lessons in our pains, there are gifts in our losses. Examine these moments in your life.

The Law of Mentalism states that everything is mind. Our thoughts create reality.

When you consider the stories in the news focusing on separation of mankind through racial division, class division, political beliefs, religious beliefs, nationalism and any other polarizing topic that can be developed, is it any wonder that we are experiencing more division and stress in the world?

Is it any surprise that we value our individual lives less? After all, in this time of stress and struggle, aren’t there people more deserving than us?

We get more of what we focus our attention upon.

On a deeper level, this law tells us that we are one Universal Mind. We are the All and the All is us.

If we are all one, then there is no need for division. Instead, there needs to be a realization of how our diversity creates an expanded experience for humanity.

We, as a species, are more than the sum of our parts. Our individual perspectives, when assembled together, can create a unified portrait of the Universe.

When separated through labels, we are merely individual specs of dust.

But remember this: incredibly tiny particles called atoms, when assembled with precision and intention, create the entire physical universe.

It’s time to remove our limiting thoughts and beliefs. As one, we are partners in co-creation. When we realize that all is mind and we are all part of a limitless Universe, then we may release the fears associated with lack.

As children of the Universe, the abundance of the Universe is our birthright.

It’s time to accept that we are loved by creation, not punished by a playful god.

It’s time to accept that we are responsible for our lives. We create what we put our minds to. Let’s put our minds to positive use.

It’s time to remove division and learn to play well with others, because the Universe will provide all we need for each of us. On this level there is no competition.

It’s time to be thankful for your unique you, to connect with your Divine Purpose.

How will you now change your thoughts? What will you manifest knowing that you are worthy and deserving of happiness.

How does your outlook change knowing you may be free from fear of limitation… that your true nature is abundance and everything you need is provided to you?

What do you think about that?

Next week we’ll conclude this series with the Law of Love.