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A Pessimist’s Guide #21: The Law of Love

The ONE thing you need to know to realize your worthiness to achieve your dreams

How many of us grew up with the image and stories of a vengeful God from Christianity? You know the one: He watches from his throne in Heaven, judges your life and punishes you accordingly, either in this life or in the afterlife.

The metaphor of the vengeful man in the sky was created thousands of years ago to control people. It’s an image that is unfortunately still promoted by those who wish to control us; like spoiled milk, it continues to be regurgitated from the mouths of those who need to feel powerful by making others feel small.

Like Santa Claus, God in this story keeps a list. Many of us have been indoctrinated to live our lives as though we are still young children striving to be good. We are lead to believe that our actions result in eternal life, that only through right action are we deserving of God’s love and the rewards of Heaven.

That’s a lot of pressure.

What happens when we slip up or make a mistake? We are strapped with guilt… Big “G” Guilt that says, “You should have been better,” “You didn’t do ______,” “You don’t deserve _______ anymore,” and “Can’t you do anything right?”

If these thoughts resonate with you, I am sorry.

This article is for you. Possibly more than any other essay in this series, this one is for your healing and growth.

The Law of Love is, to me, the most powerful of all the Universal Laws of Manifesting. Once we realize this truth, we can forgive ourselves and others, and know that we are part of The Source/The Universe/God.

According to this law, Love is another word for God/Source/Universe. Pick the one that resonates with you.

In other words, God is Love.

God/Source/Universe cannot love. That is an ego-driven personification created to separate humanity from our connection to Source.

Think of it this way, much like a parent, if our Source can give love, then it can also withhold love. Thus, the story of living to uphold a certain code becomes the norm.

By creating God as an entity outside of us, we separate from our knowing of our worthiness. Rather than understand that we are a part of the whole of creation, we see ourselves instead as apart from creation.

When we do become aware of such things as the Law of Attraction, we tend to approach them as petulant children, repeatedly saying, “I want, I want, I want….”

When the Universe doesn’t deliver on our desire in the way that we want it to be, we further separate, treating the Universe as a negligent parent. If it won’t give us what we want, then we’ll withhold our love for it, act out for attention and blame it for not loving us.

And that’s how we lose our way.

Reconnecting with Love is the way back.

Accepting that we’re responsible for our lives is step one. The Universe is always delivering what we’re asking it for, but how many of us know exactly what we are asking for?

Attraction, Vibration, Polarity, Cause and Effect, these laws and the remaining 16 all work in coordination to manifest our lives. We create our lives as the story we think we deserve.

When we embrace the Law of Love, we can finally know, in our hearts and souls, that we deserve far more than our ego-minds will every conceive.

That goal you have in your thoughts… You know it, that goal that’s so big it’s scary. The one that you tell yourself, “I could never do that…” It’s a gift from the Universe.

That idea has been given to you in Love. It’s the Universe saying to you, “This is what I have for you.”

Oh, it will take work.  The Law of Least Effort can help you understand how to co-create more efficiently, but don’t you feel better already knowing that when you take action to achieve it, the Universe “has your back”?

If our Source IS love, then our connection to love is universal and eternal. In this light, manifesting is not about our behavior in they eyes of God/Universe/Source. The realization of our goals is our birthright.

Here is the one thing you need to know to realize your connection to Source:  You are the energy of love. You are loved and deserving.

How can I say that? Because as part of a Universe filled with the energy of love, your birthright is abundance which is the expression of the flow of this energy.

Here is the Truth for you to consider:
1. The Universe/Source/God is infinite/everything.
2. The Universe/Source/God is the energy of Pure Love.
3. You are part of the Universe/Source/God, (If God is infinite and everything, that includes you - you are not separate from everything)
4. Therefore, you are the embodiment of Love. You are infinitely deserving and loved.


It’s time to quiet the negative voices of ego and move forward to re-connect with the Universe/God/Source.

Focus on your goal. Imagine it as fully realized in the present moment. How does that feel?

What positive thoughts come to you? Are there any negative thoughts or fears that come up?

Examine any negative emotions. Ask why they are there, where did they come from, where did you learn these fears?

Thank them for being present. They have worked to protect a part of you from an imagined threat. They’ve done their job and now it’s time to move beyond them. You no longer need these limitations. Quiet any such thoughts as though you were guiding a baby to sleep: gently and with love.

Now go grab your dream.