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Pessimist’s Guide to Manifesting 8: The Law of Giving and Receiving

One powerful shift to overcome your fear of lack

The Law of Giving and Receiving is a concept that has caused me issues over the years.
I struggled with finances for much of my life, not quite knowing how to handle money properly, how to fully respect it, and most importantly, understanding how it flows.
When we’re on a path of self-reinvention, many times it is our financial state that pushes us forward to change. We’re not earning enough money, we need to do something different, we’re just not happy with our current state of life.
Yet, the more we pursue the money, the further it away it seems to be. Our hard work doesn’t (immediately) pay off and we’re left wondering if it was all worth it.
In those moments of uncertainty, when we’re barely making it from paycheck to paycheck (assuming that there are paychecks), fear can lock us into a mindset of lack where we hold onto every dollar as though it is our last.
Instead of being confident in ourselves and our ability to navigate out of this temporary state, we project the worst possible outcomes and focus on possible failures that do not exist.
Remember the Law of Pure Potentiality? You can create any outcome… choose wisely.
Remember the Law of Dominant Effect? The strongest emotion wins.
The Law of Giving and Receiving is simple: To receive, you must give that which you wish to receive.
As you probably know, that can be more easily said than done.
If you’re in a place of financial hardship, it’s difficult to let go of money that could be used to pay bills or deliver food to the table.
Here’s the key: It’s not about the amount as much as it is about the action of giving.
If you’re holding onto money because you are afraid of not being able to pay a bill, then guess what emotion is dominant?
You got it: Fear.
Fear blocks growth.
Now, let me be very, very clear on this point: I am NOT telling you to go on a spending spree and empty the last penny, dime and nickel out of your pocket. That’s foolishness.
What I am suggesting is that you find an amount of money that you feel comfortable giving away and donate it to a place that resonates with your soul. A place that gives you “spiritual food.”
It could be, but doesn’t have to be, a church, a homeless shelter, a children’s organization, a pet shelter or any other organization that you feel does good work and you admire.
I love the way Edwene Gaines addresses this in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. She discusses giving money to a waitress who talked with her while she was having coffee. The lesson she received from that conversation was, to her, spiritual food.
Tithing is rule #1.
Give this money freely and graciously. Do not give it with a feeling of dread or you are reinforcing the Law of Dominant Effect.
It all comes down to mindset. You will see what you choose to see as the outcome of every action.
This I where your subconscious plays a vital role in realizing your outcomes. You program your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to be aware of lack or abundance by your thoughts.
If you give with fear, you will resonate that energy of lack and realize it when you examine the results of your gift.
If you give with gratitude, you are programming your RAS to be alert for signs of your gift returning to you positively. You’ll see opportunity instead of obstacles.
All things are flow. To receive, you must give.
All things exist due to the interdependent connectivity via cause and effect.
Day and night, heat and cold, wet and dry are just two sides of the same proverbial coin (just like heads and tails).
Giving is receiving and receiving is giving.
Hoarding blocks energy and prevents you from experiencing the inward flow of prosperity.
How does this work?
Let’s say you’ve made some less-than-well-informed purchases over the years. (We’ve all done it. It’s OK to admit.)
When you look back on those items that are now sitting in your garage or spare bedroom, there’s a bit of frustration that may be associated with them. Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I wish I wouldn’t have bought that…,” or “I should have saved that money…,” or “I can’t believe I spent $____ on that piece of crap”?
If you do, you are again experiencing the Law of Dominant Effect. The frustration associate with these purchases is taking control of your perception of financial flow.
Your underlying thoughts may begin to reinforce old belief patterns such as, “I don’t deserve money because I waste it,” or “Anytime I get start to ahead, it just goes away. I can’t catch up.”
Maybe you have been wasteful in the past. That does not mean that you have to be wasteful now. You can break that behavior.
Think of the Universe as a parent giving you an allowance.
If a child is wasteful with his/her allowance, should his/her parent just give them more?
No. That will reinforce the wastefulness.
When a person learns to respect money, then they are entitled to more of it.
If you are showing the Universe that you are a wasteful child when it comes to your attitude toward abundance, then you will experience lack until you shift your actions.
You are perfectly capable of changing your financial situation.
Awareness of your attitude, honesty with yourself, and respect of money are the keys to creating that shift of mindset.
Examine your financial position.
Are you living in abundance with money flowing easily, or are you experiencing obstacles to creating financial freedom?
What things can you do to change your outlook and your situation?
In terms of giving, from where do you receive your spiritual food? How much are you going to give to that person or organization?
Please send me a message and let me know your experiences with this exercise.