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How Hypnosis Can Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2018

Goodbye 2017. Say hello to 2018.

What goals did you set for yourself this past year?

Did you achieve any of them?

If you did, congratulations. If you didn’t, what stopped you?

Since I’m not in the room with you to hear your response to that question, I will ask for your indulgence as I speculate on some of your possible answers.

How do these sound: My wife/husband/partner wouldn’t help me with my goal; after the election, it was too unstable to start a new business; my boss didn’t give me the promotion we talked about; or maybe, I just can’t change my eating/dating/work habits… I am who I am, and I can’t change.

If any of these excuses resonated with you, and you let them keep you from reaching your goals this year, here’s a hard truth for you: You don’t deserve your goal.

Or, more accurately, you believe you don’t deserve your goal.

"Believe" is a critical word here. Notice that I did not choose the word “think” in the previous sentence.

It almost goes without saying that if you have an idea for a goal, and you begin working to achieve it, then you “think” you deserve it.

Our thoughts about what we do and do not deserve are located in the front of our brain. From this place, we tell ourselves stories of what we should have in life, when we should have it and how happy we should be when we have it.

The issue is that in this case, our conscious thoughts don’t matter much.

It’s the thoughts in our subconscious, our beliefs about who we are and what we deserve that are key here.

These beliefs were created at a young age and have been played out over the course of our lives. In many cases, they no longer serve our growth.

In our subconscious mind, we store our beliefs about who we are and the emotions that we feel about those beliefs.

It’s here that we form the stories that we tell ourselves, and others, about who we are and what we deserve in life.

These stories are typically formed when we are very young, and we spend the rest of our lives defending and validating them. They affect our senses of self-esteem and self-worth.

From working with many clients around the world, I can tell you that in many cases, these stories are limiting our ability to achieve. They are learned, they are false, and they can be unlearned.

Our subconscious is where we hold our beliefs about who we are. It’s both the author, and the library, of the stories about whom we tell ourselves we are.

And realize at this moment that you are nothing more than the embodiment of the story/stories you tell about yourself.

Our subconscious likes to be right, it likes to believe that it’s always helping us, by keeping the stories “true.”

For example, let’s look at someone with the classic story, “I am shy. I can’t meet anyone.”

In a hypothetical situation that is all to real millions of times a day around the world, this person finds themselves in a social situation (work event, party at a friend’s house, or maybe just sitting in a bar/restaurant). Here they see a person to whom they are attracted.

One of two things tends to happen: They stay in place and wait for the other person to make the first move, because, well, they’re shy… or they gather the courage to walk across the room to meet the other person.

When they do, (for the purpose of this illustration) possibly the other person is already in a relationship, or generally not interested.

As our subject walks back across the room, they are focused on the aspects of the encounter that reinforce their story of shyness and undeserving: “He/she is out of my league anyway,” “All the good ones are taken,” “Why did I make a fool of myself,” or maybe “Why bother? I’m not good meeting people.”

If they stepped out of their story for one moment, they could see that they had taken steps to move beyond the boundaries of their old story: They took action to walk across the room and meet a person who they were interested in meeting.

That’s a monumental shift that is well outside of “I’m shy.”

But, since it’s not in alignment with being shy, their subconscious chooses to reinforce the old, stay-in-your-comfort zone story.

If some aspect of this illustration resonates with you in relationships, work, or maybe in general life, know that you can overcome these limiting beliefs and stories.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful tools that allow us to converse directly with the subconscious and understand why it chose these stories for us in the past. At that moment in time, or perhaps over years of repetition of a message, your subconscious took this story, this statement about who you are and what you deserve, as a fact, and did it to protect you in some way.

That story may no longer be in alignment with your personal goals and growth. You know it, you can feel it, but you don’t know what’s going wrong… why do you keep doing the same things over and over, and seeing the same negative, lacking results?

It’s time for you to overcome your past and write a new empowering story. It’s also time for your subconscious to grow up and let go of childhood fears that no longer serve your purpose and goals as an adult.

It can be done. I’ve seen it happen many, many times with my clients.

You can do it too. Contact me to schedule a consultation about how hypnosis can help.

Make 2018 your year to fully succeed. Leave the past behind and grow into who you know you can be.

You deserve it.