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5 Reasons Why You Do NOT Need Hypnotherapy

OK, I get it.

To some people, the thought of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is spooky and unnerving.

They have fears about what could happen to them - being controlled, divulging personal secrets, not being hypnotizable and of course, acting like a chicken.

I've addressed all of those issues here and here and here and here.


Yet, some people just LOVE their problems sooooo much that they would never consider trying a different path in life.

If the following five statements resonate with you, then you do not need hypnotherapy.

1. You like your problem.

Let's face it, you say you don't like to feel stuck in your life, feeling like you can't get ahead, feeling unloved or unlucky in relationships. Maybe you have a pattern that tells you that you can't succeed, someone always takes your ideas or you just can't get ahead.

What good comes to you from talking with your friends and family about these issues?

Maybe your family agrees with the pattern of lack, because that's what they've experienced.

Maybe your friends tell you that it will all get better and they take you out for drinks to drown your sorrows.

What have you gained? You've gained a few moments of recognition, of compassion. A few moments that reinforce your secondary gain.

Secondary gain?

A secondary gain is a positive that comes out of having a negative. You continually get hurt in relationships, but your friends are there to console you. You get support from having a destructive cycle.

You can't seem to get ahead financially, so a family member bails you out on a bill or two. You're free and clear for now... Until you repeat the pattern because it is what you are familiar with.

And because of the temporary relief that you feel, you stop looking for long-term, permanent answers.

If this is you, stop reading now. There's nothing more here for you. Go ride your behavior cycle.

2. You're secretly afraid of being successful

Success sounds great. You're rich, you're comfortable, you're admired.

But what about the responsibility that comes with that realization of your goal?

Maybe you'd own a business, but have no idea how to run one; maybe you'd get a promotion at work, but the new job requires learning new skills; or maybe you've found the perfect partner for a relationship and you feel undeserving of their attention.

Fear of success is a very real thing. As we are required to grow into a new role to fulfill our vision for our ideal life, we can become scared of this new, unknown territory.

You find a way to not go into business; you talk you way out of the promotion, or you make a number of critical mistakes that take you out of the running for it; you act like you are not interested in being in a committed relationship and chase the other person away with your attitude.

What have you gained?

You have reinforced your idea of yourself. You've stayed in your comfort zone.

As uncomfortable as it may be, you know its walls well. It's home.

You don't need hypnotherapy to enjoy the view from home. Mom's there, I'm sure. Enjoy the apple pie. Three squares and a bed.... kinda like prison.

3. You have no negative inner dialogue

Why would you need the help of a hypnotherapist if you've never experienced negative self-talk?

You have no fear. You never question yourself or your abilities. You KNOW you are going to succeed.

Failure and self-questioning are for chumps.

4. You can stop smoking or lose weight whenever you want to

You've said you can stop whenever you want. You can choose to eat better and exercise – you know how to accomplish that goal of fitting into a certain dress for your class reunion or wedding.

But you haven't done it yet.

Yeah. It'll happen tomorrow.

Keep telling yourself that.

5. You're perfectly happy with every aspect of your life

Your life is absolute bliss. Everything falls into place perfectly, every day, every time.

You know that everything will always be this way and you will never, ever be blind to the silver lining in those storm clouds.

If you can answer yes to all five of these criteria, congratulations, you have achieved a life that others only dream of. You don't need a hypnotherapist.

If on the other hand, you had a moment of agreement and realization with any of these points, you can reach me here.

It's your life. You choose.

When you're ready to move forward, we can work together to create your Whole. New. YOU.