Practical Manifesting, Part 1: How Our Perceptions Frame Our World

Practical Manifesting, Part 1: How Our Perceptions Frame Our World



Thoughts are primary tools in our quest for abundance.

In the wonderful world of debatable cliches, we have the classic mind-bender, “What came first the chicken or the egg?”

Does it really matter?

Here's a more important question, one that has significance in our daily lives and the way in which we live them: “What comes first, your happiness or some thing that causes you to be happy?”

I hope you answered the former instead of the latter.

If you answered the latter, we need to talk. But first, read the rest of this article.

Temporary events, and let's be honest, EVERYTHING on this planet is temporary, can reinforce our perspective on our lives. We see ourselves as winners,/losers, good/bad, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah....

We create our lives to reinforce the beliefs that we have about ourselves. I've written about the power of the Reticular Activating System before. You can find that article here.

Let's consider how we perceive this physical plane. The visible spectrum of light exists between approximately 400 and 700 nanometers (nm), within the electromagnetic spectrum. Our range of visible colors range from violet at 400nm to red at 700nm. Ultraviolet light and infrared light exist past their visible counterparts at either end of the range.

While we can't see UV light, we can sense it with our bodies in the form of suntans and sunburns.

More frequencies of radiation exist past these fringes as well. We have created tools to measure these higher and lower frequencies, but we cannot see them with our physical bodies.

But within the range of light that we can sense, how well do we sense it? How absolute is the “truth” of what we sense with our physical body?

Ask yourself, what color is yellow? It seems like an easy question. Yellow is yellow. But ask your friends how they perceive color. Choose a series of paint swatches in a range of yellow, see if you and your friends agree on which are yellow and which may be some other color.

Scientifically, yellow exists in the spectrum at approximately 570nm. Anything on either side of that is not truly “yellow.” Those tones are tainted by green or orange to some degree.

Consider the color orange, yellow's neighbor on one side of the spectrum. It exists at approximately 590nm. Where in those 20nm of variation does yellow become orange or orange become yellow? Every person will perceive these shades of tone a little differently. At either end of the scale, we may have absolute agreement on yellow or orange, but it is in the area between that our finite, physical abilities reduce our ability to agree.

Are you still not sure that you agree with my illustration above? You “know” what yellow is and all of your friends agree with you? Good. I am glad that you discovered a consensus.

Now ask yourself this question: How does a truly color-blind person perceive yellow? To him/her it is merely a shade of grey, not the warm, energetic tone that we who are graced with color vision see. Or, in their eyes, is it an entirely different color altogether? Is “yellow” still yellow in this case?

Physical bodies, physical limitations lead to finite experiences of the Absolute. They not only lead to a limited perception of the world, they also lead us to limited perceptions of our True Selves. Much like our experience with the color yellow above, we limit our beliefs about ourselves to that which we experience in the physical world. We become the stories that we tell about ourselves – positive or negative tales that shape our reality.


Here is an exercise for you: Write down your perceptions of yourself, now write down your perceptions of your closest friends. What are they like? Are they happy people? Are they successful? What do you most envy about their lives? Ask your friends to do the same for you.

Now, sit together and discuss your opinions and perceptions of each other. You will probably be surprised to find that you see your friends in a more positive light than they see themselves and they will see you in a more positive light than you see yourself.

Which perception is true? Every single one is true. Your ideas of your friends are no less real than their ideas of you. We are all infinite beings with a multitude of layers, each perceived differently by everyone we encounter based on their experiences and awareness. Each opinion/observation is merely a facet of the overall whole of our being. As we embrace all these aspects of ourselves, we begin to see our true nature and the infinite possibilities that come with it.

Let's begin to erase the things we say we cannot do along with our negative perceptions.


For a moment, focus on the things you tell yourself. Do you tell yourself that you are not good enough, too stupid, too fat, too ugly, too poor to make a difference in the world or in your life?

When you try to achieve your goals, what things limit you? What things do you say repeatedly that hold you back, keeping you in a pattern of lack? Maybe,”Same shit, different day,” “It's always the same, nothing changes,” “The world is against me,” “I just can't get ahead” or, “There is no more opportunity left in the world.”

Do you have any others to add to this list?

Let's take a moment to look at those beliefs. Are they truly logical? If you were to look the variety of things that you encounter, both good and bad, during the course of each day, could you really say it's the “same shit”? Probably not, that's an over-generalization.

By focusing on the negative, we tend to see only those things that prove our ego's need to be right.

If you think you are a loser, you'll find reasons to believe so every day. If you think you are a winner, you'll have a different perspective on the same situations.

As humans, we can sometimes have a tendency toward hasty generalization. This is of course, one of the logical fallacies. To speak in absolute terms such as “all,” “none,” “always,” “never,” “everyone,” “no one,” is to discount or ignore the rest of reality. Do you really NEVER catch a break? Does NOTHING ever change? When we focus on negative generalizations we reduce our mental and spiritual awareness the good things that are happening around us and to us every day.

Oddly enough, we stay in this space because it is comfortable. It is all we think that we know. Actually, it is all our ego knows. Our ego is resistant to change, just as are many people. While we can improve our life by making positive changes to it, the factor of the unknown that comes with breaking our of our comfort zone creates fear in our ego. Its job is to keep us safe, so it finds reasons to keep us where we are, whether we are happy or not.

Let's look at this more closely.

Is THE WORLD truly against you, or are you just being dramatic? This is just a hasty generalization – a logical fallacy. With this false thinking, we are merely feeding negative beliefs in ourselves that are rooted in our ego. Our ego wants us to stay in our comfort zone. That is all that it knows and it feels safe. It believes that any changes can only have negative consequences.

Look at all of the wealth created in the past decade; all of the new products and new companies that have become household words.

Can you honestly say, “There is no more opportunity in the world” when you consider the sheer abundance of opportunity coming from just the Internet alone?

Again, when we focus on lack, we see voids; when we begin to focus on opportunity, we find avenues to advance our dreams.

You can choose to break free of your negative perceptions.

Start by downloading my free e-book here.     DESTROY Your Comfort Zone


Past Life Regression Part 3: Healing Emotional Trauma and the Science or PLR

Past Life Regression, Part 3: Healing Emotional Trauma with PLR

Learning From the Past; Exploring the Future

PLR Part 3

In my hypnotherapy practice, I've been fortunate to work with numerous clients who were interested in exploring the possibility of previous lives. In each case, these people had tried for years to break deeply seated emotional patterns and limiting beliefs about themselves. While they had achieved some level of success, they still felt as though something was holding them back from fully experiencing and enjoying their accomplishments.

One client in particular was very memorable. As we discussed PLR as an option, he seemed somewhat spooked by the thought. Interestingly, when I said the word “reincarnation” he perked up. That was the touchstone that resonated for him.

This person is an author who was having difficulty promoting his books and believing in himself as an achiever.

As our session evolved, this client visited a past life that took place in the 1920s where he experienced a domineering mother, passive father and a family who did not appreciate his mental/emotional depth. In this life, his lessons were to keep quiet to maintain the peace and put his desires second to those of others. In short, he didn't matter.

One of the fascinating things to watch when a client is in a PLR is their body movement. In the hypnotic state, clients' body language can be significant abreactions. In this case, my client curled up in my recliner, as though he was recoiling from the world that was hurting him in this previous life.

We visited the end of this past life; seeing the death scene was freeing to him as he floated up toward space.

We talked about the lessons that he learned in this life: being alone, being second, being unappreciated. I asked him if he needed to carry the baggage of these lessons forward into his current life.

He replied, “No.”

As I guided him through releasing these faulty beliefs, he sat taller in the chair as each emotional weight was removed.

When he woke from the regression a few minutes later, his face was noticeably less strained, he was smiling and energetic. The experience had been profound for him and she took the lessons of the session with him.

Does this one illustration create a scientific case for PLR? No, it honestly does not.

However, it does have some very interesting commonalities with other past life experiences documented by therapists who have studied the phenomenon.

Dr. Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, has documented an outline of ten experiences that are common to those who are the subject of a past life regression. These stages are described perfectly in this article: Did Science Just Prove Reincarnation? A Look At The Soul’s Journey After “Death”

Contrary to the title, the process of PLR has not been proven scientifically.

Sadly, much research into the phenomenon has been sloppy. The work of Ian Stevenson is described here.

In any scientific process, it is important that the researcher be willing to allow his/her hypothesis to be disproven by the evidence resulting from data collection and experiments. It seems that Stevenson accepted surface observations as deeper proof in his desire to prove the hypothesis to which he dedicated his life.

At the University of Virginia, psychiatrist Jim Tucker is taking a more scientific approach. Tucker believes that there is something deeper to the human experience of reincarnation and is working with in the framework of science and quantum physics to discover explanations.

It is improbable that current scientific tools will reveal significant leaps into the realm of past life regression. The experience is more an expression of faith than it is one of science.

As the field of quantum physics progresses, we may find stronger links to the powers of mind over matter and the possibility of the ongoing existence of our souls/consciousness.

Even without hard scientific proof to back it up, the protocol of PLR is a proven tool in healing clients' issues in this current life.

I have seen the improvements that the past life experience brings to my clients. It is a powerful tool in my practice.

Abundance Mindset and the United States Election

How to Take Responsibility for Your Own Future, Regardless of Election Results

Remember wayyyy back when I wrote an article on the Reticular Activating System? If you don't, I'll link it here for you to go back and re-read.

Then there was my article on Winners and losers. I'll put that right here for you.

Then there was my article on shifting from a negative to a positive mindet. It's here.

What does this all have to do with the United States Presidential Election that took place yesterday?


At this moment, the US is experiencing a polarization of mindset between winners and losers, between those who are fearful of the future and those who are hopeful.

I've watched my Facebook feed become overwhelmed this morning with anger and sadness over Clinton's loss. I've seen “nanner-nanner-boo-boo” posts from those who supported Trump.

I disagree with both. One is based in victim-hood, while the other is grounded in hubris. Neither is useful.

I've read updates that are swimming with fear about what the next four years will bring.

Here's the truth: We will actualize that which we focus on.

If we choose to focus on division, that is all we will ever see. If we place blinders on our vision so that we are only perceptive to a narrow mode of thinking so immersed in ego that our belief is that “Only I am right, only my perspective matters,” then we are in for a long, tumultuous time.

I know there are divides, deep divides in this country. While there are two sides to every card, we have to realize that they are still the same card. Somewhere, those two seemingly separate perspectives are really just two poles of the same thing.

Just as the North Pole and the South Pole are, literally polar opposites, they are still points upon the earth on which we live. They are necessary opposites bringing balance to the planet.

As my practice becomes increasingly about the concept of Abundance and living in a positive, abundant mindset, I find that my perspective is shifting from the old rants of my ego where I constantly wanted attention and validation toward a mindset of finding lessons and growth in any situation.

In that old mindset, I was much like a child looking for approval.

Today, I take a much larger perspective.

The sun rose today, the waves continued to caress the beach where I live. The people whom I saw on my daily run were smiling and relaxed. They were gracious toward each other and to strangers who passed.

This is what the bigger picture looks like. This is what is eternal in the human condition. We consciously choose our perspective every day. When we focus on gratitude, the other seemingly negative events do not matter, because they are temporary and will change again.

Perceived as good or perceived as bad, they will change. All temporary things do.

Take a deep breath and find something to be thankful for today. Wash, rinse and repeat tomorrow and the day after, and the day after...

Look for the bigger perspective, find what you can learn from your feelings: WHY do you feel hurt that one person lost or won? What's under that feeling? Go deep – ask yourself hard questions.

You may find that it's not about the candidate, possibly not even directly about their ideology, but truly about your own need for ego validation.

Then ask yourself why it matters.

Allow yourself the grace to forgive yourself and others.

Do not wallow in the mindset of a victim. You are better than that – you have the choice to move forward or remain stuck.

Choose wisely.

Daniel Olexa, CCHt

Daniel Olexa Hypnotherapy